The Sky’s the Limit (AND Blue).

I’ve been feeling so antsy these past couple of days. Maybe because I’ve recently decided to finally step up to the plate and actually start making moves for myself. I won’t get into what exactly is in the works because I’d rather keep my “move making” on the low until shit actually works out. And it probably won’t be a big deal to some people but I just know whatever I’m getting into will be a major good look for me. Well, a stepping stone to a major good look. It’s a process (most things are).

But getting into the groove of things makes me realize the mindset you have to talk yourself into when you’re about to make these life changing decisions. Sometimes it’s not even life changing, but you know what I mean. Mental preparation isn’t easy sometimes…especially when you’re a depressed sap like myself. Anyway, I compiled a list of pointers you should take when making a change in your life. I figured I’d make my mental notes an actual post that can hopefully benefit others and even myself when I spiral into my “is it worth it?” phase.

  1. Tunnel Vision: I can’t even begin to tell you how important this overused phrase is. Ultimately, tunnel vision is what gets you where you need to be. For instance, when I decided to start lifting, I was the skinniest man in the world. Seriously. The circumference of my bicep was probably a quarter of your kneecap (at the time). I knew I wasn’t going to see results right away and that discouraged me. I was so obsessed with making a difference quickly that I didn’t consider the time and effort it actually took to make these changes. Then I stopped caring about getting it done quickly and started caring more about actually getting it done. I just put the work in. Simple. Of course, there were days I wanted to give up but I knew that at the end of all of this sacrifice, good will come out of it. Two to three years later, I made an obvious transformation. That’s not how I knew I “made it” but I knew what the journey was like. I had tunnel vision. I sound extremely herby & corny right now but it’s true. You put a goal in front of you and attain it.
  1. Confidence: I should be the last person to talk about this because contrary to popular belief, I am not as confident as I pose to be. If it was socially acceptable to wear dark shades everywhere, I would. I hate eye contact. But being confident will take you a long way. Hennessey is my liquid confidence. Now, I’m not trying to sound like an alcoholic because I am very far from that…I’m just trying to make a point, bear with me y’all. But the difference in my demeanor from when I’m sober and when I’m drunk are day and night. I was parlaying with my thoughts one day and asked myself – what is it that I do when I’m under the influence that I don’t do when I’m being my normal self? Wasn’t too sure what the answer to that question was because I do a lot of shit drunk that I don’t do sober but for the sake of the seriousness of this post, I realized that I always take the leap of faith when faded. In order to take the leap, you need to be confident. Of course now I’m learning to do it without the brown juice but like I said, it’s a process.
  1. Just Do It: No Nike.

I really didn’t wanna be overwhelming with a bunch of other basic pointers because I feel like I basically just said the sky is blue. But it’s always refreshing to remind yourself that things are never that complicated especially when you start to lose a grip and end up getting your head stuck in the clouds from all the stress of the world. But anyways…for now, I wait for my winnings and grind humbly & silently. See y’all at the finish line.



One thought on “The Sky’s the Limit (AND Blue).

  1. It’s always good to be silent with the moves you make. I know you’ll get very far in life btw. You’re an extremely good looking man and you should try to be more confident. Hennessey and ginger is my drink of choice. It can give me liquid confidence but you should know how great you are. I don’t want to be a hypocrite, but I’m trying to find that confidence without it. You are very humble and I admire that about you.
    A long time fan.
    Bless ^


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