“I’m drinkin’ ____ and seltzerrr!”

If you know me, you know that you can’t really know me. You would also know that I hate to over-party…but when I do, I over party. But I’ve recently been partying a lot this Summer and it’s been the time of my life thus far…depending on what I’m drinking, of course. I’ve experimented with different types of alcohol in my life and at the recent soirees I’ve been attending. Long story long, this post is dedicated to everyone’s drug of choice: alcohol.

Today I’m gonna hold off on ranting about life and nature and list alcohol types and describe what each one does to me. Hopefully y’all can relate or whatever.

I am an avid wine drinker. An avid red wine drinker. I’d prefer it at dinner every night but obviously that’s a little absurd. The only red wines that I enjoy drinking are the ones that are super strong, bitter and full of body. Basically, that Sweet Red nonsense is out the equation. I hate moscato/sugar water. Red wine gives me the chillest, calmest and chillest feeling. You won’t see me acting up after several glasses. And if you think I’m an elite ranter now, come see me with a bottle of your finest Cabernet.

I know what you’re thinking: how do I go from talking about wine to Tequila? If I’m being 100% honest…I don’t even know. But there’s not much to say about Tequila anyway because literally I just won’t remember the night. The one thing I hate about Tequila is that it’s the sneakiest bastard on this planet. After a shot of it, I feel fine. I mean I’ll feel slightly buzzed but I’m still in total control of everything. After maybe two more swigs, I’m still okay…at this point I want to hold hands and sing Kumbaya around the bottle. Then literally five minutes after singing Kumbaya, that shit hits me like a lead balloon. And then…yeah. Stories for ions but I guess we’ll get into that in a later post.

I’m not the biggest Cognac drinker but if I am indulging in it, it would be Hennessy. I’m not gonna lie, Henrock was always my drink of choice at one point. I even nicknamed myself ‘Henny’, sadly. But then I realized that every time I drank it, I always channeled my inner Floyd Mayweather. Now if you know me, you know that you can’t really know me. But if it’s at least one thing you do know, you’d know I’m a lover. I love to get along with people. I’m no Mohandas Gandhi, but I’m all about the peace. But for some reason, it’s always opposite day when I drink Henny on ice. Still a mystery but maybe I’ll grow into it.

NO. Just no. Keep that all the way away from me. If I ever feel like drinking Vodka, I’ll just reach into my first-aid kit at home and grab the rubbing alcohol because that’s basically what I see, when I see Vodka. Clearly I’ve had bad experiences…and clearly I hate to throw up (and fight).

YES. Just yes. Jack Daniels, Jameson, Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal etc. Yes. I’ve always had the best time indulging in whiskey. FYI, I only drink my drinks either on the rocks, mixed with water or seltzer water. But whiskey will always be my drink of choice – at the bar, club, wherever.

In conclusion, now you know. Cheers!




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